Pic of the Day: Godzilla Strikes

 When the Yankees jumped ahead of the Phillies on Hideki Matsui’s third RBI hit of the night, I got a text from a friend and Yankee fan, Matthew McKown. It said, “At least it’s Matsui.” I used to love Matsui. Back in 2003 he came to New York with great fanfare. He hit a grand slam in his first game in Yankee Stadium. And he always looked hilarious. He wore the same determined expression on his face at all times. When he sprinted straight and hard for the ball in the outfield, his hat would fly off again and again. Matthew and I attended one of his first games against Seattle when Ichiro and Matsui drew thousands of Japanese fans to the stadium. We loved it.

But in the end Godzilla is not a lovable character. He is a monster who destroys your village without even trying. He is a nuclear bomb, a disaster. So it was last night when the Phillies succumbed to the wrath of Matsui. In a way, I’d rather have been beaten by Teixeira or Posada, someone without special menace and without special charm. Now I’ll never look at Matsui the same.

Pic of the Day: Argentina At Last


Argentina, which had struggled in World Cup qualifying despite having Leo Messi and a star-studded line-up, finally qualified for South Africa. Beleaguered coach and megalomaniac Diego Maradona immediately took the opportunity to lash out at reporters. Meanwhile, around the rest of the world, Honduras played through civil strife and qualified for the first time since 1982, and Slovakia and Switzerland are in. Here’s a roundup.

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Pic of the Day: Motherly Love

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

We can’t help but be impressed with Kim Clijsters, who won the US Open after taking more than two years of maternity leave from professional tennis. Over on the Rumpus, our friend Brian Schwartz asks:

“Is there something special in Belgian culture that might help a woman return to form and come back an even better tennis player than she was before taking time off and having a baby? Does the combination of excellent chocolate and fruity beer somehow prepare one to undergo the amazing transformation of pregnancy and childbirth, then win a Grand Slam tournament?”

Pic of the Day: Del Potro Reigns in Queens

REUTERS/Shaun Best

It always bothers me when the tennis commentators call Juan Martin Del Potro by the nickname, “DelPo.” It makes him sound more like a regional utility company than an outstanding Argetninian tennis player with long limbs and fluid powerful strokes. But whatever you call him, the 20-year-old has toppled the seemingly invincible Roger Federer at the US Open. Hats off to Del Potro, el rey de Queens.

OK, Juan, let’s see what you’ve got…not sure I’m crazy about him, but maybe he can prove me wrong in this Open…Wow, that is just too awful, what’s wrong with this world. She probably and defiantly had a future and it’s all taken away…

aaroncrowe    Sep 15, 03:22 PM    #

Congratulations to Juan Martin, he is a great player.

chris    Sep 17, 03:07 PM    #

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