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Austin Kelley is a writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. He founded and edits the online literary sports journal, The Modern Spectator.

Austin’s chief area of interest is leisure, broadly construed. He even has a Ph.D. in leisure. For his doctorate in English from Duke University, Austin studied the origins of middle-class tourism and the strange idea that folks should walk around the country, guidebooks in hand, looking for beauty.

As a journalist, Austin writes about the places where sport and culture meet, as in his feature for Men’s Vogue about the medieval Italian horserace, the Palio di Siena, or this piece for The Wall Street Journal about the history of standing at sporting events. He is also particularly interested in the spaces that we build to create the experience of fun, the architecture of our free time. He has investigated, for instance, a service that furnishes whole libraries “by the foot” and the worldwide spread of prefabricated Irish pubs.

Austin writes frequently about the politics of leisure as well. This book review essay, for example, traces the history of radical calls for the end of the work ethic — laziness activism. His more straightforward sports journalism has appeared in Play and Men’s Vogue, and he is a regular contributor to the travel magazine Endless Vacation for which he explores cultural landmarks. Austin has won several awards for his soccer coverage (Look back at his World Cup newsletter and his column about the culture of world soccer for ESPN the Magazine), and is not a bad midfielder, considering that he is old and slow.

When he is not writing for magazines, Austin loves a good game of bocce or shuffleboard. He is also a published poet and fiction writer, but that’s another story.

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The Land of the Free

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The World Cup Wakes Up

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Why I Love North Korea

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Tiger's Par Is Enough

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Stability Spells Success

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Yellow Card Tally

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