Amazing! U.S. Wins

The U.S. beat Algeria, 1-0.

That’s a simple sentence, but one that leaves me speechless, and crazy, so I’ll let others do the talking. First, Andres Cantor with a cracked voice, then Brian Phillips on happiness, then Josh Dean cursing with joy, and then everyone on video.

On another note, I know my lookalikes are pretty far-fetched (besides Messi-Polanski), but does Diego Millito look a little like Bert?

Plus, Over on Journal, I wrote about the teams with the most foreign-born players.

Austin—don’t you think Diego Milito looks more like Pee Wee Herman than like Bert?

— Brian    Jun 25, 07:41 AM    #

Maybe that’s it. I know he looks like someone sort of nervous and goofy. He also looks very French, no?

— Austin    Jun 25, 10:42 AM    #