Our Belated NCAA Pool

Dear Spectators,

We put up a free, open NCAA pool over on Dawgsled. Join in. The only prize is bragging rights, but since we’re late getting it going, your chances of winning are good! Enjoy your March. Pick some teams. (The website is complicated. Click here for directions.)

Pool name: The Modern Spectator
Password: spectator

Pictured here, by the way, is the ridiculous logo of the Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions, who made their first tournament. Go Arkansas Pine Bluff!

The website is complicated. You have to go to this link,
then click “create an account”
Fill out the form and an email will come with your password.
Login and click “Join a Pool” under “Action Links” on the left (You might have to click 2010 men’s basketball and “join this contest” first).
Find “The Modern Spectator”
The password is “spectator”
Go to bracket manager and click “Fill out bracket”


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