Gambling Gurus: Week 12 Picks, Oooh… Miami

Stefan seems to think we all listen to Donald Fagen.

Brooke Costello and Stefan Tornquist gives us their weekly NFL bets.

Indy @ Hou (3.5, 48)

Indy can’t help winning. It’s what they have always done, and it comes down to executing well when it matters most. Houston can’t help losing. It’s what they have always done, and it comes down to executing poorly when it matters most. It’ll be close because that’s the way the script was written. (Tease Indy w/ the under, and see if you can’t buy half a point.)

ST: Take the Texans in any tease you can find because these two just don’t end up in blowouts. 9.5 points is probably 4 more than you need to cover.

Zona @ Tenn (-3, 46)

It might be too late to do them any good, but Tennessee has righted the ship. SF looked prepared to challenge Zona for the crown earlier in the years but with 6 weeks to play the Cards are now cruising to their next NFC West title. The cards could probably lose the rest of their games and still host a playoff game. (Tenn ATS and the Under separately)

ST: I’m back on the bandwagon and why not? All that talent is playing together again. Put aside any fluky success that Arizona has displayed, remind yourself that they’ve probably sewn up the playoffs and bet on Vince Young and Brooke’s Under is a pretty good call too.

Mia @ Buff (3.5, 40)

I read that male sports fans experience a measurable drop in testosterone production when their teams lose, but male bettors experience a comparable spike in testosterone production when they win money. (Mia ATS)

ST: In the words of Donald Fagen on the immortal Nightfly record Ohhhhh…Miami!

NE @ NO (-3, 56)

I think John Madden should come out of retirement for this game. I think they should thaw out Howard Cosell’s cryogenically preserved remains and pass him a mic for this game. I think Dennis Miller should be forced to watch this game from the press box with tape over his mouth. Anyway the game should be good. (NO ATS, Over for fun)

ST: It’s partisan of me, but I think the New England D is capable of stopping Drew Brees twice per half, which will be once more than enough. I think the pressure is on the Saints, and when it’s all on the line, there’s no more reliable firm than Brady, Moss and Welker, ESQ.

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