Gambling Gurus: NFL Week 9 Picks–Texans Forget, Lose

Matt Schaub is so good you forget about sprawl.

Each week our gambling gurus make bets on the NFL. This week Stefan Tornquist is off so Brooke Costello goes it alone.

Texans @ Indy (-9, 50)

Brooke: There is a lot being written about Matt Shaub’s season. He is leading the league with 16 TD’s and his yard per completion stat is through the roof. But more importantly he has Houstonians forgetting to ask themselves why they live in an overpriced underconstructed shack in the middle of one of North America’s biggest swamps. This is what professional sports is all about. Replacing the “Why?” with a “Hell yeah.” The bad news is Indy really is really good. Indy ATS, Tease Indy and the over.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati (+3, 45)

Brooke: It is hard to pass on the Ravens this week. Baltimore is clearly the better team, but Cincy has already won in Baltimore. Something about this years Ravens screams “Wait til next year.” There is something about Carson Palmer this year that screams “Now or Nevermore.” Tease Cincy with the Over and Cincy money line.

Mia @ NE (-11, 47)

Brooke: Here is a new Wild Cat play I dreamed up for the Fins. If Miami has the ball at 00:02 of the first or third quarter I would like to see them run the other direction so that by the time Ricky or Ronnie gets to the end-zone it is 14:59 of the second or fourth quarters and they will have switched end zones mid run. NE on the bye is not a good place to be. NE ATS and NE teased with Under

Bolts @ NYG (-4.5, 48)

Brooke: Eli never hits the panic button. You get the feeling if the Giants don’t win another game this year Eli will think to himself, “Well I guess we didn’t win another game this year. That’s probably pretty fair.” In short he is a typical laid-back West Coast burner. Phillip Rivers is a screamer, and I can pretty much guarantee he loves to use his horn. But not only does he perform well under stress, he seems to prefer to be angry at something or someone. In short a typical New Yorker. Opposites attract and it would seem each QB is on the right team. Bolts ATS teased with under and the Moneyline.

Dallas @ Philly (-3, 50)

Brooke Nobody in the NFC East is as good as their last great game or as bad as their last debacle (Washington kindly accepts an exception). I mean it’s possible that after that show they put on against the Gints the Eagles are an Elite team, but it is also possible that the Gints ain’t no good. I’m trying to remember a quality win for the Boys and I can’t because there isn’t one. One thing that seems certain is neither D can lock down a good offense so take the over and break out the popcorn

Pitt @ Denver (+3, 40)

Brooke: I am trying very hard to believe in Denver. Kyle Orton does seem to be a major upgrade over Jay Cutler, and they still have some sweet wideouts but the late/mid season swoon is still part of their DNA and Pitt looks to have gotten over the post Super Bowl depression. Pitt ATS.


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