Gambling Gurus: NFL Week 11 Picks, Bills Fire Themselves

Bills owner Ralph Wilson

Brooke Costello: We at the Gambling Gurus apologize for our inconsistency over the last few weeks. I chose to blame Austin for loving his Phillies too well, Stefan for having a real job, and me? I don’t blame me at all!

Buff @ Jax (-9, 42.5)

Brooke: So far this year Buffalo has fired their All Pro left tackle, O-Coordinator, starting QB (twice), and finally now their head coach. Next up is the GM. The owner on the other hand stays the same, and he is the guy that hired all these other guys. Perhaps he should fire himself. Jacksonville has an awesome running back in MJD and the Bills just lost their biggest body (M. Stroud). If the Jags run 3 times for every time they pass this will be a slam dunk. (Jags, Jags tease w/ over)

Stefan Tornquist: Not only do I have a real job, but I’ve been traveling like a gypsy on the lamb, and moved into new digs with a woman who has strong, if usually accurate, aesthetic tastes. So pardon the laconic entries…. The only thing that gives one pause is the total freedom the Bills now have to suck or overachieve. No weight on their shoulders makes them dangerous. But the pause can’t outweigh good sense – Jax has just the tools to tool the Bills. Jax and the Over, separately.

Indy @ Balt (1, 44.5)

Brooke: Baltimore is not who we think they are, and oddly they have ceased to be who we didn’t think they were either. And neither nor is either going to the playoffs. Indy may throw this one just for kicks, but even a C+ effort will get them the point we all need them to get and that is what I’m betting on. (Indy ATS, Under)

ST: Indy’s line keeps Peyton standing, they win this by 10. The line will keep him standing – Indy is a bargain.

Jets @ NE (-10.5, 45.5)

Brooke: Everybody harshed on Bill for his call on 4th and 2 at the end on Sunday’s game. Not only do I think it was the right call to make it was also lots and lots of fun to watch. I hope he makes the same call on the first series of the first quarter and it doesn’t work again. In other news, Rex Ryan cried again, and that is really fun as well. I for one think more men should cry and spend more time talking about how much they cry, and what makes them cry. I cry every time I see the second King Kong movie. I cry because it just seems so wrong that that huge ape can’t live happily forever after with Jessica Lang. I always wanted to live happily ever after with Jessica Lang. I am that ape. And I cry for me. (NE Big Time, NE and Under Big Time)

ST: The Jets play up to the Pats year in year out, extraneous factors notwithstanding. I love the tease of NE and the Under, because I’m betting the Pats D responds to 2 Yardgate by playing their faces off.

SD @ Den (3, 46)

Brooke: Word is the Bills are planning to interview Mike Shanahan for their coaching job. But after the last three weeks the Bronx have shown us that Shanahan wasn’t unique in his ability to guide his team to mid/late season collapses. Without that calling card to call his own I am not sure what Mr. Wilson thinks Mike has to offer the professional football team located in the Town of Orchard Park, NY. (SD ATS)

ST: People are bandwagoning against the Broncos like mad, and for once I think it’s with good reason. A calm Kyle Orton gives them a shot, but he’s iffy, and they simply can’t come from behind. A couple of long passes from PR in the first half and this one is over. San Diego and the Under, separately.

Tenn @ Hou (-4.5,48.5)

Brooke: Tennessee is the definition of a streaky team. They won 13 straight to start last season and then lost 10 straight bridging between last season’s end and the start of this season. Not only did they lose 10 straight, their last loss was that 59-0 ass whipping by the Patriots. That is called bottoming out in style. Now they are on a 3 game win streak and if they go on to win 13 straight this year they will lose to the Saints in the Super Bowl. It could happen. It really could. (Tenn ATS, Over, Tenn and the Over)

ST: I can’t believe that Brooke and I are agreeing down the line, but you’ve got to like the way VY and CJ are playing. They’re having fun and Houston is wondering how they have the best offensive numbers going and will still manage to miss the playoffs. Tease Tenn and the Over, sit back and have fun.


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