Gambling Gurus: Week 4 Picks, Karma Chameleon


Each week our gambling addicts, Stefan Tornquist and Brooke Costello, predict the best bets and the big games.

GB @ Minny (-3, 45)

Brooke: The Karma Bowl Part I. There are a lot of NFL loving Christians in Wisconsin who are praying extra hard this week that God is just. They want God to punish Brett Favre for his horrible betrayal. There are also a lot of NFL loving Christians in Minnesota who are praying extra hard for exactly the same thing. After all only the Bills have equaled their Vikes 0-4 record in Super Bowls. But the great thing about Karma is it is not a Christian system and whatever the result of the game on Monday Karma will have been served. (Minny ATS, Over)

ST: Minny hasn’t impressed, but GB hasn’t impressed more. Take the Purple to bash, dink, dunk and sack their way to a 4pt victory. Minny ATS…stay away from the total.

Balt @ NE (-1, 44.5)

Brooke: These guys last met in 2007. That was the year Brady and Co. put up crazy points and the Rex Ryan/Pre Joe Flacco Ravens were all about the D. This year the NE defense is letting in fewer points and allowing fewer yards than the Raven’s, and they have done this while playing better teams than the Ravens have. The Ravens for their part are scoring more and generating more yardage than the Pats, and have the very high quality win against the Bolts. So what gives? I don’t know! (Pats ATS, Tease Pats and the Under)

ST: Last week I made the mistake of thinking that the Falcons would upset the Pats at home, at least beating the 4.5pt spread. New England clamped down, and even though Tom Brady scored about as often as I did in high school, they pretty much dominated the game. I’m still not convinced that the NE defense deserves Brooke’s tug job, but they’re playing like they know the offense can’t bail them out, which is a good thing. All that said, Baltimore is my Tennessee this year – the horse I plan to ride til I tumble – so I’m going to put your money where my mouth is. (Baltimore ATS for a little and the Under for a little more, or a tasty tease of both.)

Cin @ Cleve (+6, 38)

Brooke: Since peaking in 2005 this Carson Palmer/Marvin Lewis led Bengals team have gotten worse every year. In the playoffs of 2005 Cincy was a legit threat with lots of young talent and a bright future. But Carson Palmer lost his knee on the first series of that playoff game against the Steelers the squad never recovered. They bottomed out last year with a 4-11-1 record, and not only had they gotten worse every year, but Bengal players have visited the local court house more than any other squads employees during this period. Yet Marvin Lewis still has a job in Cincy and I don’t know why! But that win last week against the Steelers might mean the Bungles have come full circle. (Cincy ATS)

ST: The Downs are an exorable team that’s turning back to a QB who couldn’t hold the job. Meanwhile Cincy is enjoying their best run in years. They ought to cover a lousy six point spread, right? You’d think, but, if there’s a game that the Browns will scrabble through, it’s this one against a second tier, home state team.

NYJ @ NO (-7, 45)

Brooke: If at any point the NFL stops working out for Bart Scott and Rex Ryan they have a bright future in professional wrestling. These guys are trash talking machines. They have toned it down this week for their showdown with Drew Brees and the Saints. That is probably a good thing. With only three weeks to go on it is hard to believe wholeheartedly in any team, but the Saints and Giants look like the class of the NFC. (NO ATS and Tease NO with Under)

ST: As a died in the wool Pats fan I have a tendency to overestimate the prowess of AFC East teams, so take this for what it’s worth. The Jets D looks more than solid, and the mix of a little Dirty Sanchez with lots of running works well enough on the other side of the ball. They’ve got the kind of team that can slow down good offenses and keep them viable. Thinking back toWeek 1, of all the problems with the Texans, their passing game is low top-tier, and the Jets shut it down. Brees and company are top, top –tier, but Buff figured out how to stop them pretty much cold. Long story short, Jets ATS and the Over as a hedge. NO isn’t winning a trench war.

Buff @ Mia (+1, 37)

Brooke: On 4th and 1 from their own 26 with a small lead NE went for it against Atlanta and like most teams who go for it on 4th and 1 the Pats got a first. With 7 minutes left and down by 10 the Bills faced 4th and 1 from their own 30 or so, and Dick Jauron called for a punt. By punting Jauron made it virtually impossible for the Bills to win. Then after the Saints put up another 7 on that post punt drive the game became un-winnable. I wish someone would offer me a lot of money to make bad decisions. Jauron is a 7 point handicap every week, and with that in mind… (Fins ATS)

ST: Ye of little faith. The Dolphins are a game or two from giving the Browns a run for their money and the Bills are playing some pretty good ball, despite Dick Jauron’s best efforts. (Brooke’s right about that 4th down call – inexplicable) Bills ATS and love the tease of the Bills and the Under

SD @ Pitt (-5, 43)

Brooke: Both Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger can take a hit, and both of their O-Lines like to watch it happen. I can understand why. Philip Rivers gets that awesome bratty expression on his face when he gets whacked, and Roethlisberger looks like a cute cuddly bear when he get woozy, but in between hits these guys make a lot of plays. (SD ATS and the Over)

ST: These two play all the time and they play hard. This might be the game where San Diego finally breaks through, because TP is still out (that’s probably not the nickname he sports in Pitt) and he’s killed the Bolts. Give SD 10 to play with by teasing them with an easily make-able 37.5.

Other Picks:

SEA Indy (NA) Just take Indy/Word
Wash (-7,37) Wash ATS/Wash for Gabe
NYG @ KC (-9, 42) NYG ATS/Yup
3 Team Deleware Parlay Bet Of The Week:
(Cinci, Tenn, Indy)

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