Gambling Gurus: NFL Week 7 Picks, Dr. Who Wins

Is Big Ben Roethlisberger a perfect Dr. Who?

Each week our gambling gurus, Brooke Costello and Stefan Tornquist, make some bets on NFL games.

Vikes at pitt (-5, 45)

Brooke: Brad Childress reminds me of the Supreme Dalek from Dr. Who. “Exterminate. Exterminate.” And come to think of it Big Ben would be perfect as the American Dr. Who? Sorry supreme commander, but Dr. Who always wins. (Pitt ATS, Tease Pitt and the over.)

ST: After a week where my personal bankroll got devoured by bad judgment and testosterone, I’ve got the jitters…everything looks good until it looks bad until it looks good again. In other words, you can take these picks to the bank. I like Pitt to eke out the win, but not by the spread, so I’d tease in either direction, moving Pitt down to just having to win, or giving the Vikes 11 to play with. The other side of that tease…the Pats or the Over in this one.

Pats & Bucs (+15.5, 45)

Brooke: Malcolm Glazer, the Bucs owner, also has a controlling share in Manchester United FC. My guess is he is trying to get a few of his champion footballers to put on some pads and show the Pats how it’s done. Ten 75 yard field goals later the score is still 56-30 in favor of the Pats. (NE ATS)

ST: So, do you believe that Tom Brady has cleared the cobwebs and is back to being the aerial Wunderkind that potted 50 TD passes in 2007…or was last week just an upward blip for team that has played well at home all year? Somewhere in between. Hard to see the Pats getting upset here when the Bucs secondary can’t handle one premiere receiver, let alone two+, but a winless team is a dangerous animal. Tease the Pats to under 10 pts and you’re good, combining with the Dallas Over or the Under in this one.

Jets at Raiders (+7, 35)

Brooke: The Jets ran for over 300 yards against the Bills and lost and that is because they threw the ball at all. The Sanchize played a JRuss kind of game and his performance over the last three weeks has some Jets fans crying in their green beer. Philly averaged 8 yards a carry last week against the Raiders and yet only ran 14 times. Meanwhile the Oak pass rush had an on day. Common sense says the Jets should never throw against the Raiders and win 41-0, but the problem facing Rex Ryan is if you stop giving Sanchez the opportunity to lose games for Jets Nation he might never learn to win them. (Oak teased with under.)

ST: Best week for the Raiders in a long time. They win at home against a good team…their coach doesn’t get charged with assault…and it looks like they’re headed to LA sometime soon. The Raiders proved that their defense can worry a QB – even an experienced QB – to death, forcing short and bad throws. After the couple of weeks that Sanchez has had, they might be able to reproduce that effect this week. For the Jets, they’re already worried, between the San-man remembering that he’s 12 and the loss of their nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Raiders ATS and/or Raiders teased with the Under. Like the tease of the Under with anything else that appeals.

Bears at Bengals (-1, 42)

Brooke: The Bengals have a first round playoff blowout loss written all over them. In order to get there they need to beat the third best team in the NFC North. Jay Cutler really is Brett Favre without the horse shoe implant. (Bengals ATS)

ST: I haven’t watched one second of either one of these teams so I’m definitely in a position to drop some wisdom. Bengals are shaken, but not stirred…and Jay Cutler’s contract extension should have him feeling warm and fuzzy, so…Bears and Bears teased with the Pats.

Falcs at Dallas (-4, 47.5)

Brooke: I don’t think anyone believes that Dallas is a great team, and I think most people are coming to the conclusion that T. Ro is not a great QB. But it’s a home game like this against a good but not great team that will determine whether Dallas is even good. I remember sitting on the front porch of my parent’s house a few summers ago and asking my dad “Do you think we will ever get Tony Gonzalez to play for the Bills?” “No,” my dad said, “I do not.” (Dallas ATS)

ST: I’m so in love with Dallas losing that I’m almost forgetting that the Pats manhandled the Atlanta line a few weeks ago in Foxboro. Shouldn’t Dallas be able to do the same? Nah, let’s go with the Flying Underdogs. Falcons ATS.

Cards at Giants (-7, 46)

Brooke: Warner to Fitz is starting to click and Brandon Jacobs is playing a lot more like Bruce Banner than the Hulk this year. This should matter, but it won’t. The Gints D has egg all over their face and they won’t let it happen two weeks in a row. (Gints Ats, Gints Teased w/ over)

ST: Just take the Over and sit back. Tease it if you like, but it’ll get there on its own. Nice, sunny day predicted for Sunday.

Eagles at Skins (+7, 37.5)

Brooke: Didn’t the Eagles do the same thing last year? D McNabb likes to be in the headlines. Whether he is stinking it up, puking in the Super Bowl, or playing lights out. I think it’s a couple more weeks before good Donovan shows up again. The Skins are do for a couple big breaks, and after watching the Bills beat the Jets I know anything is possible. Skins Ats.

ST: So much for the NFC East being the elite division in football. The Skins are dreadful and the Eagles are disappointing, but it’s hard not to see them rebounding. Eagles ATS.


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