Are You Ready?

We at The Modern Spectator aren’t really ready for football. We know that football, when it comes around, will be so damn overwhelming that we want to resist as long as possible.

But it’s so hard! Everywhere we turn someone’s mentioning the Wildcat offense or the Michael Vick offense. Combing through our inbox the other day we noticed, among the press releases for the Rubik’s Cube National Champs and a “world-renowned card stacker,” a promo for a new wagon (pictured), specifically made for football tailgating. It includes, “a heavy duty umbrella, mp3/Ipod speakers, hooks for garbage bags/totes… a fold down tray for eating…. a Volcano BBQ, two stadium seats, and a cooler.” Everything you need for 16 games or a nuclear winter.

We give in. We must prepare ourselves for the NFL season, so we’re reading up. We suggest you join us. Our friend Brian Schwartz has got some preseason musings on the Rumpus about Michael Vick and the King James Bible while here on the Spectator the Gambling Gurus are back with their picks for each division in the NFL. Roger Goodell recently said, “betting on the outcome of our games is something that we will always oppose vigorously” so if you like Goodell, don’t read this.

i like vik

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