MLS Crests Go Classic

Back when we started a recreational soccer team, August Casuals FC, in North Carolina, we helped invent the club’s crest. A few local artists dug into the history of heraldry. We put a wolf, a symbol of endurance, in the top corner and a standing lion in the middle to represent the team’s kingly future. And while the August Casuals lasted only a few years, its crest is eternal.

So we were happy to see that the newest MLS team, the Philadelphia Union, took its symbolism seriously. Its logo, released the other day, borrows a snake symbol and an awe-inspiring motto from Ben Franklin’s political imagery in support of colonial union. (“Jungite aut Perite” translates as “Join or Die.”) It has stars for each of the 13 colonies and a traditional state color, as well as the old-time chic that we like in a team badge. Read the rest at ESPN.

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