UNC, Dan O’Hara Take the Title

The Tar Heels destroyed the Michigan State Spartans, and Dan O’Hara, Jr. won our pool, edging out Sean Murphy by two points. Jason Chabak came in third.

Special recognition goes as well to Lucy Koller and Dan O’Hara the First for having the most correctly picked upsets. They each had 11. Barack Obama ended up with a respectable finish tied for 20th, and I — well, let’s not talk about me. Lors Kelley rounded out the bottom without even picking Texas to win it all. Congrats.

Dan, Sean, and Jason, send us your addresses so we can get you the prizes!

Complete results here

Geez. I’m the only one who picked all Final Four teams correctly, and I get no special recognition?

— Gentry    Apr 9, 07:27 PM    #

Nice work, Gentry. You are recognized.

— Austin    Apr 13, 11:52 AM    #