Final Two: The Confidence Man

I wrote about the Final Four in the Wall Street Journal today. Read it here.

Just before the NCAA tournament began, my friend Kevin Konty told me emphatically, “I am going to win the Modern Spectator basketball pool.” Kevin is a bit of a statistical whiz, so I didn’t know how to take it, but I told him, “confidence doesn’t mean much when it comes to March madness.” Kevin was hit pretty hard in the first round, and he never recovered. He finished higher than me, but that ain’t saying much.

Fast forward a week. We’re down to the Sweet Sixteen. I get an email from ESPN the Magazine editor Scott DeSimon. He’s sure he’s going to win the Modern Spectator basketball pool because he’s the only one with Michigan State going all the way (Actually, John Janda does too). “Watch me,” he writes.

I think again confidence ain’t getting you nowhere, Scott. But maybe I was wrong. The confidence of a home court has the Spartans, and Scott, poised to win it all. Their opponents are UNC and Dan O’Hara, Jr.

Congrats to Jason Chaback, the current leader. Check the standings.

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