Kissinger, Korea, and Soccer

On Monday, U.S. Soccer announced that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had joined the U.S. World Cup bid committee. Kissinger, a lifelong soccer fan, helped organize the 1994 Cup, and his return to the sport has garnered its share of praise. The LA Times, sounding a bit like a jilted lover, proclaimed Kissinger “still more important to U.S. soccer than David Beckham.”

But the 85-year-old Kissinger is nothing if not controversial, so some American soccer fans could be excused if they felt the timing of the announcement — coming just after the U.S. national team failed to beat heavy underdog El Salvador in a World Cup qualifier — was as inauspicious as Kissinger’s 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, awarded for brokering a truce in Vietnam while the war raged on.

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