Welcome to the Spectator NCAA Pool

Thanks to all of you who joined The Modern Spectator NCAA Pool. We have about 80 competitors this year, vying for the official Leisure Olympics badminton set and the Spec t-shirts. Good luck.

I’ve taken a look at your entries and ran them through my analog supercomputer (my notepad) to track trendy picks. Then I realized the real computer had done it for me already (Check here).The most popular team is, not surprisingly, the number one overall seed, Louisville. Nineteen of you think the Cardinals will cut down the nets n a few weeks. UNC is second with 16 supporters (although they are the most popular final four pick), followed by Pitt with 15. UConn (6) is the least fashionable number-one. Memphis (5) and Duke (4) were the hot 2-seeds for Spectators.

Special recognition always goes to those of you who take long shots all the way. I particularly like Jonathan Durham’s picks. Eleventh-seeded VCU is his champion, and they are joined in the final four by LSU, USC, and Cal. Jonathan clearly likes three-letter combinations.

You can find brackets, results, and standings here.


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