Final Four: Baby Steps

Eight-month-old Lucy Koller is threatening to become the youngest ever Modern Spectator NCAA pool winner. The young Ms. Koller sat nervously through a thrilling round of games yesterday. First her national champion pick, the Connecticut Huskies, held off an energetic Missouri team.

Mizzou’s 6’-8” forward Demarre Carroll has wild hair that flies out from his headband. He has wild movements too. He runs about the court, shuffling his feet and waving his hands in a herky-jerky spasm. It’s not all that pretty to watch, but it’s captivating. “My hair goes everywhere, my body goes everywhere. I go everywhere,” Carroll said recently. “I just want to be everywhere, all over the court.” Carroll helped his Tigers erase an 11-point deficit in the second half only to come up short against the more talented Huskies. It wasn’t pretty, but it was captivating.

Then Koller’s dark horse pick, Villanova, showed a similar frenetic energy. Unlike Mizzou, though, the Wildcats were able to sustain their frenzy and turn it into a victory over the big, tough Panthers from Pittsburgh. The ending of the game will go down in Final Four lore. Villanova, holding a two-point lead with 11 seconds left, needed only to inbound and sink some foul shots, but they decided foolishly to throw the ball the length of the court. It backfired. Pitt’s Levance Fields recovered the ball, and was fouled. He tied the game at the line. Then before the young Ms. Koller could breathe, Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds was streaking down the court and laying it in.

Game over. Cats win. Koller must have smiled. She had a huge lead in the pool.

Today, though, was a different day. Two dull games saw Michigan State and UNC dominate their opponents and saw Koller’s lead dwindle to one point.

She was unavailable for comment.

I was doing so well, but I let my heart choose Oklahoma over UNC (along with several other awful blunders)! UConn is my only hope for respectability.

I’m impressed by Lucy though. Such bracket acumen at such a young age. Hopefully, though, this will lead not to a life of gambling but of good fortune.

— harper    Mar 29, 09:39 PM    #

We should save her poopy diapers as a shrine.

— Christie    Mar 30, 02:11 PM    #


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