Round One Results: Siena Saves a Marriage

My girlfriend, Emily, and I both picked the ninth-seeded Siena Saints to beat The Ohio State University in last night’s first round game. It wasn’t because of any special knowledge about Siena: we weren’t counting on their dominance on the glass; we weren’t predicting that their guards would match up well against the Buckeyes backcourt; we didn’t think badly of the Big Ten. But we’re planning to get married in Siena, Italy, and that was reason enough. Siena was for us.

So I was quite dismayed, sometime in the second half, when Siena looked doomed. They were awful. When they weren’t turning the ball over, they were missing shots by a mile. In the paint they depended on this chinless white guy, Ryan Rossiter, who was about half the size of OSU’s center. At one point he was flipped on his back by the slightest nudge from his adversary. It didn’t bode well for our marriage – or my bracket.

Siena won in double overtime, partly due to some solid play by the awkward Rossiter (picture on the right) and some clutch shots by the plucky little guard, Ronald Moore, who had been cold all night. At the end I was tired, happy but tired. Two days of basketball, two overtimes, and a wedding hanging in the balance. March is Madness.

Congratulations to Dan O’Hara, Sr., and to Lucy Koller, who are leading the pool after the first round. Lucy is only about nine months old (Dan is a little older), and is beating her dad by two points. The whole Koller family in fact deserves recognition for their round one performance. Rory is only three points behind her daughter. A shout out as well to Scott DeSimon who was the leader after day one.

For those of you at the bottom, you might find some comfort in their performance of our supposedly brilliant President Barack Obama. He handed down his Executive picks on ESPN the other day so I added them to our pool. His picks, most pundits said, showed sound judgment. But he’s second to last in our pool. The problem: he’s too conservative, picking all the favorites. I guess he likes the status quo.

The lessons we learned after round one of the NCAA tournament:
-Don’t bet your marriage on your bracket; even if you win, it feels wrong.
-Basketball is for babies.
-Obama should be a little more radical in his public policy.

Commence round two.

Here’s a question: Does advancing Siena to Round 3—after already being married in Siena, like me—an act of romance or idiocy? And no fair considering my other picks, either—that makes the answer too obvious.

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