Join Our 2009 NCAA Pool

It’s free to play! The winner will take home an official Leisure Olympics badminton set and a Modern Spectator t-shirt. Second and third place contestants will also get t-shirts. It’s all online this year so go here and click “enter picks” to play.

You must enter a name and email address but you can ignore the phone number box. Then, click each team you think will advance through each round. Clicking the arrow on the lower right side of the screen will move you to the next region. You can edit your picks before the games begin Thursday, but to do so, you need your bracket entry code which will be emailed to you when you submit.

The scoring will work as follows. For each team that you correctly pick to advance in round one, you’ll receive one point.
Round 2: 2 points each
Round 3: 3 points each
Round 4: 5 points each
Round 5: 8 points each
champion: 13 points

This year we’ve increased the bonus for upset picks, so each team you pick that advances by beating a better-seeded team will earn you DOUBLE POINTS.

For those of you that want to play, but don’t know nothing about it, look back at our beginners’ guide from a few years ago. This year’s favorites are Louisville, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina.

Good luck!

I love March Madness!!! Thanks to Modern spectator for doing this! I am already completely obsessed with my bracket editing-Could there be a more perfect sports/tourney structure? How is it that the NCAA gets basketball so right and football so wrong?!!!

Marina Borker    Mar 16, 08:13 AM    #

Ty Lawson may not play this week! Do you have Carolina winning it all?

Austin    Mar 18, 03:51 PM    #