Guus Hiddink, The Two-Timing Dutchman

Around the globe, club soccer takes a break this week to allow players to switch teammates, tactics and allegiances, and line up for their national teams for World Cup qualifying matches. (MLS is an exception. Its games inexplicably continue without many stars.) For some players, it’s a tough week of travel and adjustment as they straddle the demands of two different managers. For one man, though, it’s a tough week because he IS two different managers.

He has to straddle himself, so to speak.

That man is Guus Hiddink, the Dutch legend who must temporarily forget about London club Chelsea and turn his attentions to his other team, Russia, as it plays Lichtenstein and Azerbeijan in World Cup qualifiers. Then he must switch hats again to face Newcastle in the Premier League, Liverpool in the Champions League and Arsenal, led by Russia’s playmaker Andrei Arshavin, in the FA Cup. It’s enough to make your head spin. Read the rest at ESPN.

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