Who has the most receiving yards in a Super Bowl?

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald already has 419 yards receiving this post season, a playoff record. Along the way he had some great outings: a three-touchdown half, a 166-yard game, and a 152-yard game, but those numbers won’t break any new records in the Super Bowl. Who has the most receiving yards in the big game and how many?

Jerry Rice, of course, is the Super Bowl receiving leader in terms of career yards (589), career touchdowns (8), touchdowns in a game(3), and yards in a single game (215). That 215-yard effort came on 11 catches in Super Bowl XXIII. The Niners, though, just barely squeaked by the Bengals, 20-16.

The record holder for most receiving yards in a single playoff game isn’t Rice. It’s Eric Mould who had 240 yards for Buffalo back in 1998. The Bills lost that game to the Dolphins.

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