Becks & Landon: BFF

Model Sarah Marbeck allegedly texted Becks: “You can see me strip in front of ya Ferrari.”

Aspiring soccer coaches can stop studying motivational techniques and polishing up their team talks. They don’t need to send the squad to boot camp with Norwegian Special Forces and they certainly don’t need to threaten suicide. Motivating players is easy. Just send them a few text messages.

At least that’s what David Beckham seems to have done to push Landon Donovan, two-time Bundesliga dropout, to succeed. Donovan has four goals in five exhibition matches since he joined Bayern Munich on loan, and the other day he attributed his performance partly to Becks—and his Sidekick.

“David has tried to lift me and told me that I am going to make it,’‘ Donovan told Bild. “We are in contact and write each other text messages.” Read the rest at ESPN.

Plus, look back at our story on SMS.


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