Gambling Gurus: Super Bowl to Go Over

Each week our gambling gurus, Brooke Costello and Stefan Tornquist, bet on the NFL. Here are their thoughts on the final game of the season.

Brooke: A reputable online sports magazine reports that the City of Tampa has 43 strip clubs, and that certain dancers performing in these clubs expect to make $2,000 clams or more each day during Super Bowl week. This informative article got me thinking: Let’s say the least talented performers at the lowest rent clubs will pull down $400 a day. And from that let’s project an average return of $1000 a day for all dancers performing in Tampa Bay over the next week. A lot of these strip clubs will be open 24/7, but let’s say on average each club will be open 14 hrs a day, and let’s make a conservative rough guess that the clubs will need 48.5 dancers per club per day to satisfy their patrons demand for novelty and to accommodate for dancer fatigue. That means $48,500.00 will be spent on dancers alone in each club each night, and that in the 43 clubs, $2,085,500.00 will be spent each night on dancers. And that means a total of $14,598,500.00 will be spent on dancers in TB over Super Bowl week. This seems like a lot of money, but if we can agree that at least 200,000 guests will be visiting Tampa this week, than that averages out to only slightly more than $100.00 per guest per night! My advice to all the dancers in TB this week is to take all that money and lay it on the Steelers to cover. As always I stand with the dancers of this world. Give me the Steelers and The Over for all the salt and pepper.

Stefan: As much as anything, I’m trying to see a clear path to a good game and a fun bet, because from a distance, it looks like Tampa Bay – Raiders or 49ers – Chargers, your classic good defense slaughters high flying offense. From the moment the lines came out, I was comfortable with a hedge – bet Pittsburgh and the Over separately, assuming a neat Pitt win is the most likely, but allowing for a Cardinals run by taking the Over. Then the angle came to me; the Indy game–the one that Pitt lost at home. That’s because Pitt hasn’t faced a team like that since, and they’re about to – a quick strike offense that gets rid of the ball accurately and quickly, which neutralizes the pass rush. The Cardinals know they can’t run on the Steelers, and they don’t care. They need to score 20-24 points to win this one, and I’m starting to think they can, or at least stay within a touchdown. Cardinals ATS, with a Pitt/Over tease for half the money as a hedge.

Before you put in your bets, consider the odds of a player getting arrested in a strip club.

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