Gambling Gurus: Oakland to Cover, Move to Key West

Stefan Tornquist and Brooke Costello call Thursday night betting.

Oak at Chargers (-10,42.5)

ST: I’m done expecting this to be the week that San Diego plays like the most talented team in the AFC. Then you’ve got the Raiders, who are fatigued from having their pituitaries drained for Al’s smoothies. Here’s a fun stat; in the first half of games this season, the Raiders are 1 for 70 in getting touchdowns. Their average margin of loss to San Diego over the last 10 games is 14.9. This is not a game that can be decoded. Take the tease of Oak and the Over or each separately.

B: Every team has played 12 games. The playoff picture is starting to look very clear in the AFC. And guess what, Neither SD nor OAK will be playing at the start of January. If LT is starting his Shaun Alexander routine I will be truly saddened. The team he has led for so long will go down as the Houston Oilers of the 2000s and he will be their Warren Moon. Rumor has it that Al Davis is thinking of moving the Raiders to Key West. He has a big mansion there with a football field in his back yard. He’ll just roll out of bed, have a White Russian (and a drink too) and watch his pets do their thing from the comfort of his balcony. Oak and the Over.


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