Pic of the Day: Hejduk Gone Wild

Spectator contributor Brian Schwartz sent in this photo of Frankie Hejduk holding up the MLS trophy. We’ve always loved Hejduk’s crazy style on and off the field, even if we’ve cursed him during his stints on the national team for lacking skill.

More importantly, as Brian asks, “what’s up with those square, biscuit-shaped medals MLS bestowed on the champs?”

Frankie is a liability on the flank. He may be good enough in Columbus, but not for the national side.

— USSoccerfan    Nov 24, 07:29 PM    #

But can you deny the energy? Less skilled than others? Perhaps, but he would be a spark at least. And to a side sorely needing it.

— miguel    Nov 29, 01:35 PM    #


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