Gambling Gurus: Steelers to Recover, Cover Spread

Stefan Tornquist & Brooke Costello look at Thursday’s game from a gambling point of view.

Cincy at Pitt (-10.5, 35)

ST: Anyone who had Pitt on Sunday was part of a bettor’s tragedy when Troy Polamalu’s spectacular, last-second, totally legit touchdown was negated. NFL officials have already floated changing the replay rule to allow for a second review period, showing how important Vegas and its devotees are to the sport.

The Cincy game opened at 10 and jumped a half point immediately. Pitt plays tough at home, and the Bengals will want to play the spoiler, but won’t. Logic says that you take Cincy and the Over since the total is low and the spread is high. But Cincy only squeaked out 13 points at home against the Eagles, so 9 or 10 in Pitt would be a good day, and they don’t have good days. Take Pitt and the Under as a tease.

B: I have to take a minute to mourn and to shorten my weekend picks by one game. RIP to my Bills. Trent Edwards has been channeling his inner Rex Grossman. And Dick Jauron has been channeling his inner, well, his inner Dick Jauron. The worst part of all this for a diehard is there are some great characters on this team. Guys it’s hard not to like. Roscoe Parish, Marshawn “The Beast” Lynch (Listen to one of interviews. He’s hilarious.) Donte Whitner, Kyle “Fat Boy” Williams, Leodis “X-Man” Mckelvin, and even Trent “Perfect Name for a QB” Edwards. But the proof is in the pudding and until they learn the a 47 yard (Wide Right Anyone) field goal is not a lock. take KC ATS and KC and the Over.

At least Cincy has been bad since day one. Reward their consistency and bet big against them. I’ll take Pitt and the Over, the Over, and Pitt.


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