Gambling Gurus: The Broncos Are ATS Losers

Stefan Tornquist and Brooke Costello share their thoughts on the Thursday night game. Stay tuned for the rest of their week 10 picks.

Den @ Cleveland (-3,46)
ST: I’m just going to throw out a prediction for Thursday night before giving Brooke the floor to share his powerful new paradigm with us all.

Denver has come apart and Cleveland is starting a rookie. Underific and Cleveland if you must pick a side.

Update of Heroes and Villains (Against-the-spread superstars)
Brooke: Every year there are one or two teams that are against-the-spread heroes and villains. The villains are the teams with heightened expectations or the teams who performed well last year but are distinctly over-valued this year. The heroes are the opposite; undervalued teams that play superior teams tight and take it to the weaklings on their schedule. Latch on to any of these squads and bet them blindly every week and watch your mattress rise.

My predictions in Week 2 (with their performance so far against the spread)
Heroes: Buffalo(4-4), Tenn (7-0-1), GB (4-4), Carolina (4-3-1) (19-11-2) +8
Villains: Cincy (3-6), Minny (3-5), Jags(2-6), Cleve (5-3) (Totals 13-20) +7

New Heroes: Replace Buff, GB and Car with any of NY (6-2) Philly (6-2) Balt (6-2) Zona (6-2).
New Villains: Replace Cleveland with any of Denver (1-7) Indy (2-6) SF (2-6).

Since the Heroes and Villains format is in my mind and to prove to you how well it works, I pledge to bet the Broncos to lose ATS for the rest of the year. Oddly, Cleveland was a well-liked team coming into the year, and it has gone only 3-5, so you would think they would be reaming bettors. But they have only been favored once all year, and that was against Baltimore last week and they lost. Didn’t they Stefan? (My bad.)

Now betting Cleve when they are playing a better team seems wise, and taking a favored Cleve when their starting Quarterback is Brady Quinn seems stupid. But the whole point of a system is to silence the inner doubts and fears and just do it. So give me the Brownies and hedge me with a nail biting Under.


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