Gambling Gurus: Gurus Pick Pats Over Jets

Jet @ Pats (-3,42)

ST: Thursday may provide an clue as to which AFC East team gets eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Hot stuff.

Last week St. Louis played Dresden to the Jets’ allied bombing campaign, the dodo to their 17th century, the Tina to their Ike. The thing about the Jets is that they haven’t seemed very good when they play quality teams. So you have to ask yourself…are the Pats a quality team? You got me.

The Pats have been playing solidly and it’s kind of fun to watch them figure out how to dink and dunk again. Matt Cassell has developed nicely and his completion percentage is a healthy 67%. But he’s only averaging 200 yards per game and the Pats aren’t going to beat anyone by outscoring them.

The Jets have lost 11 of their last 12 in this series and they’re fired up to turn the corner, but that may not matter – just ask the Bills. The Pats win an Under and the Jets a shootout. Take the Pats and the Over as separate bets and if the line sneaks over 3 points, tease the Jets.

Some of the names have changed, but by and large it’s just like old times in the AFC East. Both the Pats and Jets beat up on my poor Bills the last two weeks. The difference in the beatings is the Pats dominated Buffalo from the first whistle. The Jets on the other hand were getting whupped until Trent Edwards did his Favre impersonation. The most important name that has not changed is Belichick and he has the Pats hitting a dangerously slow stride. Favre gives away to many points in this one. Give me the Pat and the Under as a tease.

J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

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