Gambling Gurus: Giants to Keep Rolling

Bettors Stefan Tornquist and Brooke Costello break down this week’s NFL action.

Colts at Browns (+4.5, 45)
ST: This game makes the first rank just because I love the Colts here. They’re starting to feel their oats while the Browns are feeling around in the dark. Brady Quinn is out for the season, so Derek Anderson is playing for a contract with someone else but the Colts are thinking playoffs.
B: The main problem with the Colts is they haven’t been safe against the spread all year. Even during their recent winning steak (6-2) they are still losing ATS (3-5). Cleveland is Houston in a different uniform and I look for this to be another tight Indy win and probably an Over.

NYG at Skins (+3.5, 41.5)
ST: I’d love to take the Skins to upset the Champs here. They’re going to be fired up and on their game, but it’s the Gints to lose, and they won’t. I’m taking the Giants, and the tease of the Giants w/the Under.
B: The Giants are slowly staking their claim to being a great team, the Skins are trying to decide whether they are good or not. 3.5 seems to good to be true, but it is the season of giving and maybe someone in Vegas actually does have a heart. Gints and Over separately.

49ers at Bills (-6.5, 42.5)
ST: The Bills rediscovered their mojo last week and swagger is just what they needed. After all, these are basically the same guys who were running the table just a few weeks ago. The 49ers are just the team to keep them feeling good. Tease the Bills with anything on the board and take the pressure off.
B: As loathe as I am to admit it I am still holding out hope for my home town boys. The running game has been punishing bad defenses and the O-line has kept Edwards shirt clean 2 straight games. SF is playing for pride and there are two very good ex-Bills in Niners jerseys. Takeo Spikes and Nate Clements will have the D-side fired up. But the issue is returns and turnovers and football Karma seems to be shifting back in B-town’s favor. Bills

Steelers at Pats (-1, 39.5)
ST: As a NE fan, I don’t much like how the Steelers match up with the Pats this year. They’re going to punish the middle of the line and unless the Pats can put up some big points in the air early, forcing a different tempo, it’s going to work. You won’t see 400 yards out of Matt Cassel this week. I do like the Pats to keep this one close though, so I’ll be looking for some kind of tease – probably the Pats and the Jets.
B: Ronnie Lott and Brian Dawkins are the two best safeties I have ever seen and I have always felt like too much praise had been heaped on Troy Polamalu to soon, but there he is making the play of the game every week and unlike Bob Sanders he keeps his body together. I’ll take Pitt and and Over.

Broncos at Jets (-7.5, 47.5)
ST: Do a New York tease…Bills and Jets. I think that Over is pretty tasty in a tease as well barring insane winds at the Meadowlands. The Jets are salivating over the possibility of adding a game to their lead on the Pats.
B: As much as I hate to admit it the Brett Favre experiment is working out for the NYJ’s, and I suffer an even deeper nausea from witnessing Mangina’s success. But really, the Jets with their historic mediocrity should be amongst the list of teams nobody minds winning (Lions, Cleveland, Cardinals etc.). The Broncos just got their asses handed to them at home by the cast of North Dallas Forty Take Two: The Oakland Years. So what’s not to like? Jets and Over.

Bears at Vikes (-3, 42)
ST: This is one of those games where inter-divisional rivalry probably means more than overall skill, standing, etc. The Bears won the first meeting, so I like the Vikes to take the second. Simple. The first one was a shoot-out, so the same logic says the Under wins the day, but the pick is the Vikes straight up.
B: A win here by the Vikes basically puts them 2 games up in the division (and 7 games on Detroit). The best player on the field may become the best in the league and he is wearing Purple. I think the Man runs for 220 and 4 TDs. Vikes.

Jags at Texans (-3, 48)
ST: This isn’t the game the NFL hoped back in when it got programmed. Both of these teams have fallen into the second lowest circle of football Hell, looking down their noses at Detroit and Saint Louis, but blinded by the…
B: Stefan left off his ending for the Jags/Texans disappointment bowl, so I’ll finish it for him. “ but blinded by the Sun. This is familiar territory for the Texans. It is actually the place they always are; out of the playoff race and playing for pride. The Jags on the other hand think they are better than this, but with 1 win in the last 5 game (Does beating Detroit still count as a win?) I have news for Jack Del Rio and the gang, “You aren’t.” Take the Texans and the under separately.”

Just picks:
NO at Bucs (-3.5, 47.5)
ST: Bucs, Over
B: NO, Over
Ravens at Bengals (+7, 36)
ST: Ravens, Over
B: Ravens, Over
Falcons at Chargers (-4.5, 49)
ST: Tease Falcons and Under
KC at Oakland (-3,41.5)
B: The Oakland surge starts here. Oak.
Fins at Rams (+9, 45)
ST: Fins
B: Fins
Carolina at GB (-3, 43)
ST: Carolina, Over
B: GB, Under.


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