The Saga of Manchester City

If you were playing fantasy soccer, you might try to assemble a team of all the world’s top young stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres and Robinho. If you were an Arab billionaire, you could put together a team like that for real. At least that’s what Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim, head of the Abu Dhabi United Group, is trying to do.

In a quick and surprising coup this week, al-Fahim’s company, backed by UAE royals, bought Manchester City Football Club and stole Brazilian Robinho from the predatory clutches of Chelsea, who had all but closed a deal for the former Real Madrid player (They were already selling his shirt). Manchester City paid a record $58.6 million for their booty. That same day Al-Fahim almost succeeded in snatching Dimitar Berbatov away from Manchester United as well; United, who had pursued Berbatov for months, finally got him for $56 million, but only after City had topped their offer… Read more at ESPN.