The Rise of the Multi-Sport Mogul

In these troubled economic times, it’s important to diversify your portfolio. Especially your pro sports portfolio. Perhaps you’re too concerned with that NBA team you own, or maybe you’re pouring everything into the NHL (Risky!). To cover your assets, you might want to get a piece of an arena football team and perhaps a little bit of pro lacrosse, and, of course, you’ll want some English Premier League stock. We’re bullish on the Premiership.

At least, that might be the advice of Stan Kroenke’s accountant.

Kroenke, a real estate mogul and husband of a Walmart heiress, has a major stake in an arena football team (the Crush), an NFL team (the Rams) and owns—or runs companies that own—the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, the Colorado Rapids and lacrosse giants the Colorado Mammoth. Recently, he’s been building up his share of North London’s legendary soccer club, Arsenal. Last week, Kroenke even joined Arsenal’s board of directors, a move seen by some as a precursor to taking over the team. Read the rest at ESPNtheMag.


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