Olympic Soccer Draws Little

We’re not exactly our best at 5:30 in the morning. You might not even call us “awake”, but we love soccer, and we love the Olympics, so we set the alarm anyway and hope for something good to happen. This morning it didn’t—at least from an American perspective. The U.S. men’s team, playing a man down for 87 minutes, were eliminated from the tournament by Nigeria.

Maybe the loss put us in a bad mood, or maybe it’s the six gallons of coffee we drank, but we’re beginning to wonder why soccer’s in The Games at all. If the guy who founded the modern Olympics had his way, it wouldn’t be.

“The only real Olympic hero is the individual adult male,” Baron Pierre de Coubertin wrote. “Therefore, no women and no team sports.”

We don’t want to join the baron’s misogynist witch hunt and shun women’s water polo. But soccer? Read more at ESPN.