Who was the oldest Olympic champion ever?

At the 1920 games in Antwerp, Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn, narrowly missed a gold medal and ended up with silver. He was 72 years old, the oldest Olympic medalist. The event? Team double-shot running deer. That’s right. Team double-shot running deer, a shooting competition in which four riflemen try to take out moving targets that look like deer. It was like an old-school version of Buck Hunter. Some form of running deer shooting was in the Olympics from 1908-1924 and then again in 1936 and 1948.

Oscar Swahn was a running deer specialist. Swahn became the oldest Olympic champion when he was 64. He had already won gold medals in individual and team single-shot running deer in 1908 at age 60. Then four years later he added another gold in the team event. His son Alfred was also a sharp shooter who shared the team golds with his father and won several other medals of his own.

is he related to lyn swahn?

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