The 1959 Home Run Derby

Carolita Johnson

Last night Justin Morneau won the 2008 home run derby, despite Josh Hamilton’s amazing 28 dingers in the first inning. It made us reminisce about the 1959 TV show Home Run Derby that we used to watch on ESPN classic. The show would pit two sluggers against one another. Each competitor was forced to sit in the booth and smile while the other was hitting. We decided to dig into YouTube and post videos of Home Run Derby featuring the two players who appeared on more All Star rosters than any others, Hank Aaron (21 seasons!) and Willie Mays (tied with Stan Musial’s 20 All Star seasons).

First witness Aaron, who was the show’s best hitter, facing Duke Snider, then Mays against Mickey Mantle.

As John Bailey pointed out (in some weird, bitter pro-Minnesota way), it’s Justin, not Jason, Morneau. Apparently, the MLB also called him Jason during the trophy presentation. Sorry, dude. (It’s fixed now).

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