Join the 2008 NCAA Basketball Pool

To join The Modern Spectator NCAA basketball pool, simply fill out an Excel bracket (download from this website) predicting who will win each game in the men’s tournament and email it to us before noon Eastern time on Thursday March 20. If you can’t email a spreadsheet or filled-out pdf, type out the winners for each round. Or mail me, postmarked by Wednesday: Austin Kelley, 115 8th Ave #4 Brooklyn, NY 11215.

We think the first two rounds are the most fun, so our scoring system is not as heavily weighted toward the Final Four as many pools are. This way you might pick the wrong national champion and still win the pool because of your overall brilliance.

Each team you pick that successfully advances gives you:
Round One: 1 point each (32 possible points)
Round Two: 2 points (32)
Elite Eight: 3 points (24)
Final Four: 5 points (20)
Finals: 8 points (16)
Winner: 15 points

UPSET POINTS: Any team you pick that advances by beating a better-seeded team will earn you one extra point (regardless of the round). Thus, if you pick a 9-seed to beat an 8-seed, you will get 2 points. If they then beat a 1-seed in the second round, you will earn 3 points (2 for round two + 1 upset point) if you have them in your Sweet Sixteen.

The person with the most points wins an over-the-door breakaway basketball hoop and a Modern Spectator T-shirt. The second and third place finishers will also win T-shirts.

Ties will be broken by
1) if you picked the National Champion
2) number of Final Four teams correct
3) total number of upset points earned
4) number of Elite Eight Teams correct
Hopefully, that will do it.

It’s all free, but only one entry per person. Good luck!

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