The Gambling Gurus: NFL Preview

The Gambling Gurus, our maverick duo of opinionated NFL addicts, are back. Brooke thinks the Cowboys are a shoo-in to lose the Super Bowl, while Stefan thinks the Cardinals are playoff-bound. What else is new?

Here are their picks for the year. Also take a look at their picks for week one.

Winners by Division

A F C Stefan Brooke
East Patriots Bills
West Chargers Chargers
North Pittsburgh Browns
South Jags Indy
Wild Card Indy, Browns Pats, Jags
East Giants Philly
West Cardinals Hawks
North Vikings Pack
South Saints Saints
Wild Card Dallas, Packers Dallas, Vikings

I think this is the year that the Jags legitimately pass the Colts. Peyton Manning is still the best, but his supporting cast didn’t get any better in the off season, while Jax has had another year to gel.

The Giants are picked by many to finish below Dallas and Philly. That’s not very nice. It can help to get the Rodney Dangerfield treatment and I think Eli Manning played as well as any quarterback for the last five games of the season. Unless their pass rush is completely gone with the departure of Strahan and injury to Mr. Echo, they’ll be good. Dallas is too burdened by expectation and Philly is too dependent on an uneven QB and the performance of Brian ‘I’ve done what I can’ Westbrook.

Why the Cardinals? Why not? They have talent, and I’m tired of the Seahawks. Unfortunately, as I write the Cards have just announced that Warner will start at QB, and that doesn’t spell new promise, that spells a few wins until he gets hurt.

There is hope — but no Jason Peters — in Buffalo. San Diego is ready for its close up; they will play Indy for the right to beat Dallas in the Super Bowl. The Pats still have a hobbled Brady and a satisfied Randy Moss but better than 11-5 would surprise me. Miami does surprise, and the Jets tank. Pittsburgh has a severe case of Cleveland envy. Henry smuggles weed onto the Bengals bus, and the whole team is arrested. Ray Lewis starts at QB for Ravensclaw: “Quiddich anyone?” If V. Young is the answer, the Titans are a sleeper. The Jags are no fluke, but they are still the second best in the South. Houston’s D is ready to roar, and its offense gets scared. Shanahan asks Obama to speak to his troops before home opener. They win that one and about six others. KC is five years away from being really really good, and Oakland isn’t.

D McNabb takes Philly back to where they belong: A Conference Championship Loss. Dallas will get back to the Super Bowl after squeaking in to the Wild Card. Giants and Washington have a fierce battle for third place. Green Bay quiets its fan base by being a team with a future instead of a past. Devin Hester leads Bears in scoring. The Vikes will wish Adrian Peterson could throw the ball. The rallying cry in Detroit is “It is what it is.” The Saints will score a lot of points and the Bucs won’t. Neither will Carolina or Atlanta. The Hawks are still the class of a very classless division. Arizona kicks it into high gear in week 14 scaring the delights out of St. Louis. Who else is there? Oh yeah, San Fran.


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