Gambling Gurus: Giants Smoke Philly

Stefan: Joe from Canarsie wrote in to ask about our season record, so I did some tallying. (All right, Joe might not be from Canarsie, but I really liked the ring of that.) I evaluated all our suggestions for win, loss, or push, even if there were multiple suggestions per game. So, through 13 weeks, here’s how it looks:

Stefan 59-49-3 (59% winning pct.) Also 3-1 on three team tease suggestions.

Brooke 49-59-3 (45% winning pct.) To Brooke’s credit, he stuck his neck out on 8 more picks than I have.

Brooke: Getting credit for picking badly is exactly like having bad credit. You pay high interest rates until you get up on the payments. Let’s hope this week brings me half way home. As Rambo used to say — What’s that? Oh yeah! — as Rambo stills says: “Let’s get this over with.”


Chicago at Washington (-3,37.5)

Stefan: Not a game I’d bet on. I guess home field is worth something. Washington and the Under as separate plays appeals.

Brooke: Thursday from 8-11 NBC might be running “The Office” in a three hr. marathon. I believe the centerpiece of this marathon is a three way between Dwight and his ties. The Under and I hope no one watches. Eat me, NFL Channel.


Dallas (-11) at Detroit (53)

Stefan: Take Dallas straight up, and/or the Dallas/Under tease. Dallas likes domes and the Lioncubs lost their top receiver.

Brooke: I think the following pick will demonstrate why Stefan is 10 games up on me even though I have picked 8 more games. I like Detroit to lose by 10. I also like the Over as a separate play.

Miami at Buffalo (-7, 37)

Brooke: Stefan has decided that my “working man’s” Bills are below his attention. But we have to look no further than the Bills’ opponents to see how far the mighty have fallen. So Pats’ fans enjoy it while you can but do not forget where you came from. Stay away from the points in this one. Miami should keep it close and they are the pick to lose by 4.

Oakland at Green Bay (-10,42)

Stefan: I think Oakland found a way to score points last week, and they won’t need many to help you get both sides of a nice Packer/Over tease.

Brooke: This is where you have to hand it to the boys in Vegas. GB will win this by 10 on the nose. 20-10.

Giants at Philadelphia (-3, 42.5)

Stefan: I like the Giants and a tease of the Giants with the Under.

Brooke: Sometimes you have to follow your gut. I’m going to roll up a Philly Blunt, fix up a Philly Cheesesteak and send them to Austin as a care package. I want him to have an adult excuse for the massive indigestion the last two games caused him. This game should blow the ulcer right through to the other side. Give me the Giants by a safety.

Pittsburgh at New England (-10.5, 49)

Stefan: It’s tease week, and the NE spread is finally small enough to take advantage. Tease the Pats with the Over, or bracket with Pitt AND New England and the Over as the second side in both.

Brooke: The biggest difference between Pitt and Philly and Baltimore is that Philly and BLT were bruised ego teams. Their seasons had slipped away from them, and NE was feeling dominant. Two somewhat lucky wins later NE feels vulnerable and ready to hit someone. Pitt may not like how it feels. The Pats hit early and often. 35-21 Pats.

San Diego at Tennessee (0, 41)

Stefan: Over all the way, and you don’t need to worry about who’s winning.

Brooke: SD and the Under as a tease.

Indianapolis (-9.5) at Baltimore (43.5)

Stefan: It’s not a big game anymore – the Ravens lost their Super Bowl last week. The D shows up again, holding Indy to only four touchdowns. The offense, however, returns to its coma. Indy at under 10pts.

Brooke: You heard it here first: Kyle Boller has turned some sort of corner, and has started to be part of the solution. If they pick up a receiver and Todd Heap gets back healthy they may soon be in Cleveland’s class on the offensive side of the ball. Next year is next year however. This Sunday I see them losing another squeaker. But I like Baltimore to cover.


New Orleans(4.5) at Atlanta (42.5)

Stefan: The safest bet is to split NO and the Over. You’re not likely to lose both sides of that, and you might get both. NO is the likely the best straight up pick. As mediocre as the Saints are, mediocre is just under four parsecs ahead of the Falcons.

Brooke: Reggie Bush did a similar bone headed lateral in the BCS game against the Longhorns. That gaffe contributed mightily to USC’s loss. Last week’s miscue probably cost them their season. If this game wasn’t on MNF I might like Atlanta to squeeze on out, but it gives the game just enough prestige for Drew and the boys to light it up. By the third quarter Jaworski will be saying, “This is the Saints team we thought we’d be seeing at the start of the season.” A big plunk for NO.


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