Why do NFL QBs have green dots on the back of their helmets?

Enzo asks, “Have you noticed every NFL QB has a round neon green sticker on the back of their helmet this year? What is this? Is it a hole so God can see in?”

The green dot signifies that the helmet has a radio receiver in it. Only one player, the quarterback, is allowed to get instructions beamed in from the sidelines. This restriction was apparently introduced
after teams complained that Kordell Stewart might have an advantage when he lined up as a wide receiver. Both he and the quarterback could get the plays directly.

We’re not sure why this is the first year that the green dot was introduced, but it does seem that there has been increased scrutiny on the radio helmets. During this off-season, a rule change which would allow one defensive player to have a radio helmet was narrowly defeated.

The history of the helmet radios is interesting. They were invented in 1956 and used by the Browns, but then banned until 1994. The original radio helmet is in the football Hall of Fame.


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