The Other Football Roundup

Cornelius Poppe/AFP/Getty Images

While many of you were caught up in field-goal-gate or Bill Belichick’s bad behavior, some of us were watching football, I mean, soccer.

The qualifying rounds for Euro 2008 are nearly over, and that made for some exciting match-ups this weekend. First and foremost, in the group of death, Christian Panucci’s late winner in Glasgow crushed the hopes of Scottish fans. and sent Italy and France into the finals. See the highlights here.

Norway’s brilliant bicycle kick goal did not hold up in their crucial battle with Turkey, who won 2-1. Now Norway’s qualification is unlikely. They must count on Bosnia to succeed against Turkey.

Another late goal in Tel Aviv gave Israel a 2-1 victory over Russia. Now the Russians will be out if England can tie Croatia.

Coming Wednesday: Finland must beat Portugal to have any chance. England needs a draw against Croatia, and Turkey will go through with a victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina. Read all the permutations here.

Over in the States, the Houston Dynamo defeated the New England Revolution for the second straight year to win the MLS. Highlights are here.

As always, check out the Offside blog where you can read about Iraqi soccer players seeking asylum, Jens Lehmann’s German bird, and the signing of three Thai players by Manchester City, a team coincidentally owned by the former president of Thailand.


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