Gambling Gurus Split on Lions’ Turkey Bowl


Green Bay (-3.5) at Detroit (48.5)
Stefan: Just after the loss to the Giants, John Kitna said he was unhappy because the Lions had just lost to a team “that’s no better than us.” Well, this week he’ll feel better, because they’re going to lose to a team that is better than them. Favre has played some dog games in Detroit, it’s true, but you’ve got to like the consistency with which he and the rest of the Pack is playing. Take ‘em straight up.
Brooke: Detroit is by far the more desperate team. GB is feeling very good about itself. Toss this in with Stefan backing the consistent play of BF, and I am certain the Lions cover.

NY Jets at Dallas (-14, 47.5)
Brooke: Tony Romo is the MFM, and this one has whopping written all over it. Take D straight up or tease with Indy.
Stefan: The kid did good in the Meadowlands. Rooks do that sometimes. With a week to look at the tapes, the Cowboys won’t be surprised. Tease them with the Over, making both manageable.

Indianapolis (-12) at Atlanta (41)
Brooke: Isn’t this what Indy did last year? They were the 3rd or 4th seed going into the playoffs at 12-4. Bob Sanders was on the shelf, and everyone was slobbering over San Diego. Right now Marvin Harrison is resting his weary bones, and everyone is slobbering over New England. The big difference is Freeney is gone for the season, but that won’t matter until the end of January. Take Indy. Tease w/ Dallas. Or Tease w/ Dallas and Detroit in a beautiful Thanksgiving Trifecta.
Stefan: This game is on the dreaded NFL Network, where no one can hear you punt. I know that Indy is totally battered and licking their wounds, but they’re still better than Tampa, who squashed the Falcons with ease. Tease it either way with Green Bay and you’re good.

Sunday 1:00 p.m.

Buffalo at Jacksonville (-7.5, 36)
Brooke: The Bills petitioned the league for immediate relocation to either the NFC or the AFC West so that they could be included in the playoffs this decade. They will be based in Vancouver and play half their games in Eerie, Indiana. The only sticking point with the League’s front office is they want to keep the name as it is for branding reasons. “It’s a catchy name. It’s illiterative. People remember it,” owner Ralph W. Wilson told me over scones and tea. . Jags and/or Jags and the under.
Stefan: This game is going Over. Losman is a chump, but he throws a pretty deep ball, and 17 points from the Bills is all you need.

Houston at Cleveland (-3, 51)
Brooke: This promises to be the game of the week. With a D that can’t stop Baltimore and an offense that can score on anyone Cleveland is the new Cincinnati. With a stiffening D and Matt Shaub, Houston is what Atlanta would have been. Derek Anderson is a stretched out Dan Fouts, and Kellen Winslow Jr. is almost as good as Sr. Andre Johnson and Braylon get theirs. Ahman Green will be back. I like separate plays of the Over and Cleveland.
Stefan: Over and out. Tease the O with the Giants or Jax and enjoy the fireworks.

Minnesota at NY Giants (-8, 41)
Brooke: Peterson will probably sit this one out, and the Vike’s season comes to an end. Gints By 10+.
Stefan: The Giants enjoy poor offenses that can’t beat the blitz – Minnesota with Peterson is Lawrence Taylor made. A tease of the Gints and the Under also looks tasty.

Sunday 4:00 p.m.

Baltimore at San Diego (-10.5, 38.5)
Brooke: What has SD done to deserve a 10 pt nod from Vegas? Nothing is my answer. I guess it is more what Baltimore has done: two losses each to Cinci and Cleveland, one to the Bills and a shellacking by Pitt. In a battle of two offensive geniuses, I see a low scoring game turning on a Norv Turnerover or a costly Brian freeze at the wrong timeout. The Ravens lose and cover and together they muster an over.
Stefan: There’s no telling whether San Diego will make the mental plane, but there’s no doubt that the Raven is cooked after that psyche bending ending against the Refs.

Sunday 8:00 p.m.

Philly at New England ( -23.5, 51 )
Stefan: There’s no line out yet, but I’m going to go on a limb and predict the season’s first 20 point spread (Ed.: Alas for us Eagles fans, it’s now 23.5). Crazy. Crazier…take it.
Brooke: With or without McNabb, NE and the Over for all the loonies and toonies you can scrape together.


Miami at Pittsburgh (-16.5, 41.5)
Brooke: Pitt can’t stand prosperity, but they tend to sit on average to bad teams at home. I’ve heard that it is common practice to rub chili oil on a fighting cock’s genitals before battle. That’s what the Jets did to the Boys in Black last week. Poor Miami! They can’t catch a break. Pitt with all the Euros left over from your summer trip to Krakow.
Stefan: Tease Miami with the over. Really.

Brooke and Stefan – Can we get a running count of how you guys have fared for the season so far? I guess it doesn’t have to be a running count – a simple count is fine. Thanks.

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