Gambling Gurus: NFL Week 8 Picks

Each week our gambling enthusiasts weigh in on key NFL games. Look back at last week’s picks. in which the boys each finished a game above .500.

Indianapolis (-6.5) at Carolina (44)

ST: The question people will ask is whether Indy can focus on the Panthers with New England around the corner. Yeah, about that – Indy is a steal at under a touchdown.

BC: One of my most deeply held football beliefs is that the Colts rope-a-doped the league last year. After the year in year out front runner status didn’t work for them, they thought that experimenting with formations and personnel during the first 10 games of the season would keep games tight and that when the playoffs came they would be undervalued, particularly on defense. Then all the sudden the D got real good real fast and we all know what happened. This year the Colts’ defense has been real good all year, and they don’t look like they are tiring. Basically if you think JFK was shot by a lone gunman then take Indy to the bank. But if you are like me and you think sneaky Martians landed at Roswell, infiltrated Mafia minds and tricked the wise guys into recruiting a gang of Cubans to black mail a bunch of oil men into paying a team of lone gunmen to pull their triggers, take Carolina. If you lose, you’ll feel good knowing it was fixed from the get go. In short Carolina is the pick from this shore.

Giants (9.5) & Miami (48)

ST: The Gaints’ much-ballyhooed London trip will wear on them, me thinks. Look for the New Yorkers to come out flat against Miami. Not that Miami will win, mind you, but those 9.5 points are too rich for my blood. Weird setting, weird timing, weird outcome. Take the Dolphins and the points.

BC: While Stefan’s logic sounds good on paper, the Dolphins literally have no Dolphins playing in this game. They are all hurt. The team Miami is fielding with the exception of Jason Taylor would be scab bench guys during a league-wide strike. This one should and will get ugly. Take the Giants. If we lose it really will not be our fault. It will be Stefan’s.

Oakland at Tennesee (7.5, 40.5)

ST: Vinny is just coming back, and the Titans aren’t good at putting up lots of points at home – they win just fine, but they don’t cover. There’s a great tease here though; the Under with the Titans.

BC: Oakland is ready to do their mid season lay down. They produce a major egg. It breaks open on arrival at Oakland airport and the stench is so horrible that Bay Area Residents think that the 49ers have just arrived. Tenn by Ten.

Philadelphia (-1) at Minneapolis (37.5)

ST: Here’s another great tease opportunity. Give Minny a touchdown and raise that Under to 43.5.

BC: Philly loses this one by 8.5. I promise.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Cincinnati (48.5)

ST: The Steelers aren’t losing two in a row. Not against the Begals’ defense.

BC: Every year Cincinnati players decide upon the game where they need to perform in order to keep their jobs and this is it. Call it a shocking upset, but I call it teams playing to form. The over and/or Cincy.

Buffalo at Jets (-3.5, 37)

ST: …must…keep…eyes…open…screen…fading…Buffalo wins and a solitary whoop is heard in Texas (that’s Brooke on vacation in barbecue country).

BC: No Comment…….I am on quest for the best brisket in Texas. Tomorrow I go to Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in Llano. On Saturday, I hit Kreutz’s. And Sunday I am at Ruby’s. Wish me luck.

Washington at New England (-16.5, 48)

ST: This screams trap for the Pats, since the Superbowl is next week. But the Redskins are gaining a rep, so the Pats won’t be caught napping. I still don’t like the points. I do like the Over. Washington will score 20, and the Pats do the rest, scoring 33.

BC: I’m glad I’m not a Pats fan who also likes to bet. The guilt would color me for life. You bet on the home team and then heart and money become one. You stay away from the home team and time and again you miss out on the moneymaker. If you are not a Pats fan my advice is to bet them the rest of the season at whatever the spread. If you are a New Englander thru and thru bet on the Bills week in week out and live your love.

Green Bay at Denver (-3,42)

ST: Whenever I call my bookie with a Green Bay pick, he chuckles, because that Vig is already in the bank. In years of football betting, the Packers have been the bane of my existence. When they should fold, Favre throws four touchdowns, and when they should steamroll someone, he plays catch with the opposing secondary. I can’t stand the NFC North this season, but I do like both of these teams to score. Take the Over and enjoy the show.

BC: I would like to be known as a hater, but when a team as bad as the Broncos will show themselves to be over the next 4.5 years beats an overrated team like the Steelers I call it justice and I call it perfect justice when it gives me a very convenient spread. Favre by 4.


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