World Series: Aesthetics Vs. Politics

If the Cleveland Indians and Colorado Rockies face off in the World Series, the television ratings will be dismal, and national interest will fade. But for those of us still watching, it will be a battle of the worst uniforms and the most offensive emblem in sports. Which will you chose?

The goofy Sambo-like Native American?

Or the ugly black vests with the partial sleeves?

Teams shouldn’t be allowed to wear black at all. gotta go for the AL.

— Mav    Oct 17, 07:43 AM    #

But what about these jackasses?

Austin    Oct 17, 07:47 AM    #

wow. send out an amber alert!

— tyson    Oct 20, 08:18 AM    #

As bad as the Rockies’ nouveau uniform is, I have to agree with austin after clicking through to those jackasses.

— knoblauch    Oct 22, 11:13 AM    #

Obviously it’s a moot point now. Do I have to root for the Red Sox?

Austin    Oct 23, 10:30 AM    #

I always say in cases like this that you should root for seven games, and the last one should go 30 innings, and you can make up your mind in that last inning. That is, root for good baseball. By the way, I hate that Chief Wahoo thing too. Gotta go.

— Harper    Oct 24, 04:20 PM    #


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