Ten More Reasons to Hate Nike

When I turned on the US Open the other day to watch James Blake, I saw he was wearing the same shirt as his opponent, Stefan Koubek, an ugly blue sleeveless number with “jazzy” lines on the front. It’s bad enough that any one person has to wear that, but both players at once? Can’t someone at Nike prevent this fashion faux pas? Or do they really think they will brainwash us with these repetitive images. Soon we will all be wearing that shirt. We’ll be one big jazzy Nike family.

Blake and Koubek weren’t the only ones wearing identical outfits. Donald Young and Feliciano Lopez faced each other in an identical white and gray Nike shirt. A variation on the blue, this one could be seen all over Flushing Meadows (Above: Lopez, Young, John Isner, Frank Dancevic, and Tomas Berdych wear sleeves. Top: Blake, Carlos Moya, Juan del Potro, and Koubek don’t.)

Nadal also wore the sleeveless travesty, but he went for bright yellow, while Federer has tried to look bad-ass in all black, plus swooshes.

plus swooshes indeed!

— hubris    Sep 4, 08:20 PM    #

I think he should wear an eye patch like a pirate.

— Russell    Sep 5, 05:58 PM    #

why not have the fans wear it too?

— tys    Sep 6, 01:19 PM    #

It’s only a shirt c’mon they cin wear wit they want

— Gowner    Sep 25, 08:30 AM    #


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