What were the names of the racing teams in Hanna Barbera’s The Wacky Races cartoon?

In this classic animated road-rally there were 11 different cars packing in a total of 23 regular characters. Such ‘toonish bounty is unparalleled and bears explaining.

It all begins with the felonious—and occasionally fast—Mean Machine, numbered 00, manned by Dick Dastardly and Muttley. The Bouldermobile, driven by the club-toting Slag Brothers, followed. The Gruesome Twosome came next in the Creepy Coupe, complete with a belfry. Professor Pat Pending snuck in with his ramshackle Convert-a-Car. Then there was Red Max and the Crimson Haybailer. The series sole lady driver, Penelope Pitstop, could be found in the Compact PussyWagon, a beauty salon-cum racer. Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly rolled in the Army Surplus Special.

A group of diminutive 1920s-era mobsters named the The Ant Hill Mob took their chances in the Bulletproof Bomb. The Arkansas Chuggabug toted Luke and Blubber Bear. Pretty boy Peter Perfect rolled in style with the Turbo Terrific. Lumberjack Rufus Ruffcut and his companion animal Sawtooth cut up course with the Buzz Wagon. See them all here.