Gators, Bruins, Hoyas, Buckeyes

John Thompson and Patrick Ewing have led Georgetown back to the Final Four. Of course, this is Patrick Ewing Jr. (I love that his jersey says “Ewing Jr.”) and John Thompson III, the sons of the great Georgetown player and coach. The new Ewing has only a bit role, but he did his bit, and UNC fell apart in the closing minutes. Georgetown will play the Ohio State University, and Florida will play UCLA in a rematch of last year’s final. Gators, Bruins, Hoyas, and Buckeyes—that’s a pretty weird bunch of mascots.

Looking back now, it seems obvious that Georgetown, Florida, UCLA, and Ohio State would make it. What was I thinking with Louisville and UNC? But only Tyson Smith, of all the contestants in The Modern Spectator NCAA pool, was smart enough to write that down two weeks ago. Congrats to Tyson who leads the way. He has OSU beating UCLA in the championship.

Tyson Smith 96
Sean Murphy 89
Dan O’Hara 87
Brian Schwartz 83
Joe Kelley Jr 83
Mike Stevens 83
Dominic C. 83
Brandon Silverstein 82
Victor DiNubile 82
Rod Reber 81
Mike Riccio 80
Jason Warshof 79
Joe Kelley III 79
Matthew McKown 78
William Berlind 77
John Maggio 77
Theo Smith 77
Austin Kelley 76
Greg Dobbins 76
Statistical Genius 76
Clint Kakstys 75
Sarah Trigg 75
Ben Cosgrove 74
Joey Litman 74
Serge Shea 74
William Dantona 73
Dina Basile 73
Sophia Kelley 73
Harper Langston 70
Stefan Tornquist 68
Donna Kelley 68
Evan Hughes 67
Ben Cramer 67
Mike Ferrara 66
John Grady 65
Raymond 64
Mike Reber 63
Steve McClure 62
Hope Hall 62
Curtiss Hannum 59
Emily Richards 59
Ralph Dunn 59
Jessica Cohen 52
Michael Devitt 49
Debra Harbin 48
Connie Reber 47
Ben Walton 45
Ben McGrath 43
Lillith Iversen 42
Dan Houghton 42
Joyce Merritt 41
Meems (Michelle) Dantona 41
Paul Owen 40
Albert Vega 39
James Koerner 37
Laura Kelley 36
Barry Gardener 36
Rob Cavalcante 36
Michael O’Brien 35
Elizabeth Perez 29
Doris Silver 25
Bob Rosenbaum 0
EJ Murphy 0

I want that NCAA basketball and t-Shirt!

— tyson    Mar 26, 06:55 PM    #

You have to root for UCLA to beat Forida and OSU to win it all. If OSU beats Florida in the final, I think Sean wins it.

Austin    Mar 27, 01:30 PM    #


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