Final Four Pool Stats: UNC Wins

When I picked North Carolina to win the National Championship, I thought I was making a bold choice. Carolina had Georgetown and Texas to go through. Sure, I knew a few Tarheels (Cow and Jessica) would go for the alma mater, but who else would pick Roy Williams’ men? The answer: everybody. Of the 59 entries in The Modern Spectator NCAA pool that I’ve tabulated (there are a bunch I haven’t gotten yet), there are 12 Carolina fans. They are the fashionable pick.

Florida is second with 10 supporters, then The Ohio State University with eight. Georgetown and UCLA were both more popular than the Kansas Jayhawks. Oregon has only two fans, and McGrath, you are alone with Wisconsin.

The more creative players picked Maryland, Arizona, Villanova (someone in my family had to), Stanford (they’re already out!), Penn (also out!) and Vanderbilt (They won yesterday, but still, what were you thinking, Rob?). And last but not least: Arsenal.

Florida was actually the top choice to get to the Final Four, edging out UNC and OSU (tied for second). The boldest picks to make it to Atlanta were Texas A&M Corpus Christi (a 15-seed), Penn (14) Miami of Ohio (14) and New Mexico State (13). A few of you also seem to think Albany will do well. Albany? Well, good luck to the Great Danes.

Here is a list of participants with Final Four Picks. Please let me know if your name is not here.

Albert Vega Oregon Va Tech Texas Memphis
Austin Kelley Florida UCLA UNC Louisville
Barry Gardener Florida Kansas G-town Tenn
Ben Cosgrove Florida Kansas Texas OSU
Ben Cramer Wis. Kansas UNC Tex A&M
Ben McGrath Wis. Pitt UNC Louisville
Ben Walton Maryland Va Tech UNC OSU
Bob Rosenbaum
Brandon Silverstein Florida UCLA Texas OSU
Brian Schwartz Florida Pitt G-town OSU
Clint Kakstys Florida Kansas Texas OSU
Connie Reber Florida Pitt UNC Stanford
Curtiss Hannum Florida UCLA Mich St Virginia
Dan Houghton Florida UCLA Wash St Memphis
Dan O’Hara Florida UCLA UNC OSU
Debra Harbin Florida Va Tech BC OSU
Dina Basile Wis. UCLA UNC OSU
Dominic C. Florida Kansas UNC Tex A&M
Donna Kelley Maryland UCLA UNC OSU
Doris Silver Butler UCLA UNC Tex A&M
EJ Murphy
Elizabeth Perez Florida Pitt Marquette Tex A&M
Emily Richards Miami Pitt N Mex St Tex A&M
Evan Hughes Maryland Va Tech UNC OSU
Greg Dobbins Florida UCLA UNC Memphis
Harper Langston Florida Kansas Texas Tex A&M
Hope Hall Oregon UCLA G-town Stanford
James Koerner Wis. Pitt G-town Penn
Jason Warshof Wis. UCLA G-town OSU
Jessica Cohen Arizona UCLA UNC Memphis
Joe Kelley III Florida Pitt G-town OSU
Joe Kelley Jr Florida Kansas G-town OSU
Joey Litman Florida UCLA Texas Tex A&M
John Grady Oregon Kansas G-town Tex A&M
John Maggio Florida UCLA UNC Tex A&M
Joyce Merritt Florida Duke UNC OSU
Laura Kelley Tex CC Villanova Texas OSU
Lillith Iversen ND UCLA USC Stanford
Matthew McKown Wis. UCLA UNC OSU
Meems (Michelle) Dantona Maryland Duke Marquette Memphis
Michael Devitt UNLV UCLA UNC OSU
Michael O’Brien Florida Kansas G-town OSU
Mike Ferrara Maryland Duke G-town OSU
Mike Reber Florida Pitt G-town OSU
Mike Riccio Oregon UCLA UNC OSU
Mike Stevens Oregon UCLA G-town OSU
Ralph Dunn Wis. Kansas USC OSU
Raymond Marcus Oregon S. Ill Texas OSU
Rob Cavalcante Florida UCLA Vanderbilt OSU
Rod Reber Florida Va Tech UNC OSU
Sarah Trigg Florida Kansas UNC OSU
Sean Murphy Florida UCLA Texas OSU
Serge Shea Florida UCLA UNC OSU
Sophia Kelley Wis. Kansas UNC OSU
Statistical Genius Wis. Kansas UNC OSU
Stefan Tornquist Wis. UCLA UNC OSU
Steve McClure Florida UCLA UNC OSU
Theo Smith
Tyson Smith
Victor DiNubile Florida Kansas UNC OSU
William Berlind Florida UCLA G-town OSU
William Dantona Oregon UCLA G-town OSU

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