Favorites Rule Elite Eight

If you look up “March Madness” in the DSM-IV, the manual of psychiatric disorders, you’ll find the basic symptoms: last-second shots, big comebacks, torn-up brackets. The Sweet Sixteen had all of these. The only team to win by double digits was Carolina, and USC was killing them until the Tarheels went on a tear and USC coach Tim Floyd lost his cool. But the DSM-IV also lists big upsets as essential indicators of this seasonal mania. These were markedly absent. The Ducks of Oregon, a 3-seed, are the biggest underdogs of the last eight. Go Ducks.

Ongoing scores are here.

Congratulations to Victor “Enzo” DiNubile who had all eight teams. Dominic still leads the way. Here are the standings:

Dominic C. 78
Tyson Smith 74
Sean Murphy 73
Victor DiNubile 72
Dan O’Hara 71
Mike Stevens 71
Statistical Genius 71
Rod Reber 71
Mike Riccio 69
Matthew McKown 67
Sophia Kelley 67
Ben Cramer 67
Joe Kelley Jr 67
Brian Schwartz 67
Brandon Silverstein 66
John Maggio 66
Austin Kelley 65
Greg Dobbins 65
Clint Kakstys 65
Sarah Trigg 65
Theo Smith 65
Harper Langston 65
Ben Cosgrove 64
Joey Litman 63
Serge Shea 63
Joe Kelley III 63
Jason Warshof 62
Evan Hughes 62
Dina Basile 62
William Berlind 60
Mike Ferrara 60
John Grady 59
Raymond 59
Ralph Dunn 59
Emily Richards 59
Stefan Tornquist 57
Donna Kelley 57
William Dantona 56
Hope Hall 56
Mike Reber 52
Curtiss Hannum 48
Jessica Cohen 46
Steve McClure 46
Michael Devitt 44
Ben McGrath 43
Connie Reber 42
Meems (Michelle) Dantona 41
Joyce Merritt 41
Paul Owen 40
Ben Walton 40
Debra Harbin 38
James Koerner 37
Dan Houghton 37
Lillith Iversen 36
Michael O’Brien 35
Albert Vega 34
Rob Cavalcante 31
Laura Kelley 31
Barry Gardener 31
Elizabeth Perez 29
Doris Silver 25
Bob Rosenbaum 0
EJ Murphy 0

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