Super Hype XLI

As the big game in Miami approaches, we have all the meaningless ephemera you need.

  • The Sporting News puts the X factor in Super Bowl XL.
  • Deadspin has gone through the trouble of compiling a handy human interest guide to the Bears so you can prepare yourself for the dreck from Jim Nantz & co. once the game starts.
  • Surprisingly accurate, the Super Bowl Stock Market Predictor claims that the league of the Super Bowl winner can be used to predict the stock market. The study examines the record and statistical significance of this strange intersection of sport and finance in order to “demonstrate that an investor would have clearly outperformed the market by reacting to Super Bowl game outcomes.
  • Both cities seem charged up though Chicago has a decided hype edge in the print media. The battle for readers between the Tribune and the Sun Times adds fuel to the fire. The Tribune’s “youth newspaper” RedEye was responsible for the clip of Chicago Lyric Opera’s Bryan Griffin’s stirring rendition of Chicago Bears, Bear Down and more.
  • The RedEye also let a dog guide the Bears to victory. In his 5-step plan “Whizzer” recommends the Bears sue their way to the Superbowl title. “Is 10 yards punishment enough for illegal use of the hands?” Whizzer asks. “Is that the kind of message we want to send our kids, ladies and gentlemen of the jury?”
  • The Sun Times fired back with an expose on a lady selling ad space on her pregnant belly.
  • The Colts blog StampedeBlue has a peppy Midwestern outlook citing the high ratings during Colts playoff games. Before discussing Bill Belechick’s well-reported and predictably denounced post-game behavior, the Stampede says, “I’ll start this by saying I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Patriots and how they win football games.”
  • Respect? Let’s check in with the Pats’ blogs. At the Patriots’ Most Valuable Network fan opens with, “I probably shouldn’t be posting, considering its 2AM and I’m about five Tanqueray&Tonics deep, but, I don’t know how else to vent right now.”
  • The readers grab for straws at the Patriots’ Fan Blog where one poster says: “They were robbed. It’s so obvious that Vegas made its calls to make sure the Colts won so they could make money.” The top story on the Past official homepage? Bad call! Or you can disregard all commentary and simply bid on “low number” vanity Pats license plates.
  • Of course fandom has been known to bring out the worst in us. During the Saints playoff game a Bears fan hung a sign that said “Bears finishing what Katrina started” thus guaranteeing the wrath of Keith Olbermann.
  • You thought Peyton manning had baggage. Colts president Bill Polian has been to the big show four times and finds himself ringless.
  • If the Super Bowl were House

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