Besides David Beckham, who is the highest-paid soccer player in the MLS?

The MLS salary cap was changed specifically to allow the league to sign aging heartthrob David Beckham, who will join the LA Galaxy this summer and make a reported $250 million over 5 years. Call Landon Donovan’s agent, quick!

Actually Donovan is not the highest-paid MLS player, it’s Chivas USA’s Juan Francisco Palencia. Donovan is second, followed by Eddie Johnson (who may be on his way to Europe). Freddy Adu is fifth. Here’s the top 10.

As for European-based players, it’s always hard to find their wages. But you can get a rough idea by looking at transfer fees. The largest ever was Zidane’s 2001 transfer to Real Madrid for 45 million pounds. The previous year Madrid had paid $37 million for Luis Figo, the second-highest fee. Here’s a list.


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