Business is not one of our favorite sports. Nonetheless we find that pleasure requires cash, so here’s a guide to some financially-minded sports sites.

The SportsBiz is a wide-ranging blog that will point you to articles on Nike’s new LeBron campaign and the Golf Channel’s surprising ability to turn a profit.

The Sports Economist is run by a bunch of econ professors, but it’s not all numbers. It will point you to Steve Forbes tête-à-tête with ESPN. To avoid unpleasantness, here’s how Forbes introduces a family anecdote: “One of my daughters posited…”

Chris Isidore, a weekly columnist at, offers insightful coverage of the business of sports.

Sports Business News is a somewhat bloggy offshoot of Harold Bloom’s webzine of the same name. Bloom writes lengthy pieces on news and trends like the NBA’s so-called Cuban rules and the NHL’s pitiful video streaming plan.

One hates to generalize, but baseball draws the geeks. Consequently it enjoys an embarrassment of riches when it comes to statistical analysis. The Sabernomics blog borrows from Bill James and other stat-obsessed analysts to shed light on baseball finances. Forbes annual roundup breaks down the cash flow. Sabermetric-style scrutiny is even seeping into other sports. applies it to the NFL. Another professorial site, The Wages of Wins has stats for everything including basketball management.

At the aptly titled Rodney Fort’s Sports Economics Sports Business Data surfers can download spreadsheets with everything from baseball ticket sales in 1965 to the NHL’s fan-cost index.

Now if you’re finished reading about sweaty millionaires, go back to work.

(Mike Stevens thanks these resources for helping him compile his sports business roundup. Read it here.)


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