How many teams has Vinny Testaverde played for since he turned 40?

Ah, it seems like only a decade ago that Vinny was leading the University of Miami Hurricanes. Vinny, who was recently called up by the Patriots, is 43 years old. He played for the Jets, the Cowboys, the Jets again, and now the Pats in his middle age.

But Vinny, now in his 20th NFL season, is not nearly the oldest quarterback to play in the NFL. George Blanda was kicker and back-up QB for the Raiders until he was 48 years old. In his final season, 1975, he completed one of his three pass attempts for 11 yards and kicked 13 field goals.

Some other notable aged QBs were Warren Moon and Steve DeBerg, who played until they were 44. Here’s a list.

Testaverde is not the oldest active player either. He is second to the Falcons 46-year-old kicker Morten Anderson. Can Mort catch Blanda?

Thanks to Maria (Dawn) Deverant for the question. Keep em coming.